Saturday, July 30, 2005



Long time no nothing... 5 days no internet, but, weirdly enough, I haven't missed it all that much (sorry for driving that knife through your heart Chrissy) but I have mised you lot - I got a phone card now so a couple of you might be getting bring brings soon (aka. Phonecalls for all you who don't speak Jebbie)

I've been up to a crap load of super stuff, had 3 whole days of touring, it's super tiring - I have seen 1 of the 7 wonders of the world, soon to have seen 2 *giggle* 'tis so damned coooool... Anyway, have some general stuffs:
  • Beer = 5 yuen (about 33p) - And theres are propper big ass bottles
  • I can take unlimited photos *grins ear to ear* My PMP RULES
  • I've been playing my harmonica... I'm not very good... I don't know why I have a harmonica with me...
  • Sara's made a little Tom Pillow - basically a pillow dressed in Tom's foootie shirt *teeheehee* it's so silly/sweet (I have yet to decide)
  • Everything is hot... Temp = hot, Food = hot, Floor = hot (I burninated my knees taking a photo *sob*), Water after 2 mins = hot (hot water is skanky), people = not quite so hot... seen v few sexy chinks... maybe cause they're all old...
  • Beds are uber hard, like wood, only you can feel the springs...
  • I'm getting a smidgen of a tan already, YAY!

    Anyway that's the general stuffs, i can think of tonnes more but I haven't go time really, I'm loving this holdiay but I have been so damned busy! I'm missing my Mikey lots, I have no huggles from anyone here, it's too hot *frowns*

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