Saturday, July 30, 2005

Thursday 28th July

  • Great Wall of China
  • Ming Tomb
  • The Sacred Road
  • Martial Arts Show

  • Had to get up a t 7am, Jetlagged, hot and slightly befuzzled cause I had the BEST but most confusing dream ever to wake up to...

    Hopped on our minibus and off to the Ming dynasty tombs... People thros shed loads of money down there for luck, I mean serious ammounts. I mean, ok, we throw pennies in wells but on 50 pound notes (mainly cause it'd be soggy, but just cause it's an uber huge waste) - Well they do... at tombs... *shrug*

    The Great Wall was... well.. Rather Great :D Only saw a V. Small part of the wall up close but you could see it all wiggly and squiggly for miles across the hills... You don't realise until you're there quite how steep it is! It's a blooming treck to go up about 20meters... I can hear tom and chris already (No... it's cause you're fat) CHUT UP ALL OF YOU!

    The sacred road... had some animals there... to protect stuff... twas cool but all the photosa re gone cause sara reformatted the SD card in the camera... Why? I don't know. So no photos... thaknfully she did it half way up the great wall so we have a few of there still :D

    The Martial Arts Show was awesome! Serios it was all.. WAAHHHHH... POW... KABLOOOOIEEE... and there were little kids... oh man could they flip out, they were psychos tied up in little monks robes... There was some lame romance scene where they did some flying about on bits of silk... *yawn* but they cracked tonnes of metal rods over their heads and were lifted up on spikes and yay :D

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    At 6:02 AM, Anonymous Tom! Mumbled...


    hehe fatty found it hard to get up to the wall did shee... awww =p hehe

    it was gareths b-day party last nite where we re-did the gd old gauntlet hehe got some videos, no piccies tho =p

    anyways have fun =)


    At 7:45 AM, Anonymous Dan Mumbled...

    Glads to hear you're having a chinkin' good time 8-) <---shades

    I'm off to Hongers in a few days (Wednesday), I just realised I really need to get a camera...

    Raaah, have more fun. Toodle pip. :)

    At 10:59 AM, Blogger Chris Mumbled...

    Hey jezzie sorry not been replying or posting on my blog i've had an uber busy couple fo days i'll update it later tonight with what i've done. Glad you ae having fun :)

    At 6:58 AM, Anonymous Julez Mumbled...

    Hey Jeb face :D Yay your holiday sounds uber cool...yet uber, hot, yet cool :S you know what I mean...

    Glad your having a good time, all's been cool here too. Am slightly ill *gasp*, julez..ill, whats up with that!?! :O yet have agreed to cook dinner for 6 tonight (again whats up with me cooking!) for pauls birthday party which is at my house?! :S ok, to summeraise, since you've gone world has gone crazy...well least this lil part of it has :P

    anywyas, won't bore you with anymore. Oh yeah, your budgies still alive :D yay, and the two birdies seem very muich in love...well not love, just kissing each other and bumbling about eachothers cages like the tubby feather balls they are :P

    Anyways, see's you in some time, and enjoy the rest of your trip :)
    (don't stuff yourself with too much chinese and explode :P)

    At 6:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous Mumbled...

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