Saturday, July 30, 2005

Tuesday 26th July - Wednesday 27th July

Took good old Aeroflot (for which we've found over 35 words in... best anagram tho is fear-o-lot... yeah it sucks but it was funny at the time... ) to Moscow on tuesday, was only a 3 hour flight so not too bad... Watches some family guy, red a smidge, took photos out the window of the wing (je suis tres stupid)

Anyway, once there I sat down on the floor in the Airport, round the side of a shop, next to a bin- Why? To charge my stinky PMP... *grumble - only 4 hours of battery* NEhoos, after tonnes of waiting at passport control, we boarded the plane for CHINA...

Yeah, that flight was dull... 6500 miles or so, 7 hours, Miss Congeniality 2 without sound and 2 crazy Russian films... Blah

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